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Happy New Year


Well, January is nearly over but Happy New Year nonetheless!



Bubbles. Let me count the ways (I use them). Bubbles basically live in the bottom of my therapy bags and don't ever get put away, because everyone under age 5 is gonna be happy with bubbles and they are a great emergency activity if a session is going off the rails! Here are some different ways I use bubbles to...

Today officially marks week one of the winter break for me and my kids; and tomorrow is Christmas eve! Hard to reckon with, but here we are all of a sudden. My husband and I had a few precious hours free yesterday (the kids were with their aunt) so we got all our wrapping done in an effort to free...

Sometimes I feel like I work in a little bubble of my own making. I have my own private practice and set my own schedule and see my clients on my own. Let me assure you, this is wonderful and I really love it. It works for my family and for my sanity and gives me a little hint of...

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