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Hello. So, the last few weeks have been... unexpected. We are in the midst of a global pandemic, school is closed indefinitely, and I have found myself on 100% of the time with my three kids who were suddenly home for 2 weeks of spring break (and evidently beyond) with cancelled camps and no playdates allowed. Sometimes I forget this...

Hey look! The wonderful Laura Trunkey took the information I shared on ADHD and executive functioning in my October 2019 viral Twitter thread and went and wrote her monthly Island Parent column on it! I'm really excited that parents in my community will be able to access this information and maybe even put into place some helpful strategies...

Happy New Year


Well, January is nearly over but Happy New Year nonetheless!



Bubbles. Let me count the ways (I use them). Bubbles basically live in the bottom of my therapy bags and don't ever get put away, because everyone under age 5 is gonna be happy with bubbles and they are a great emergency activity if a session is going off the rails! Here are some different ways I use bubbles to...

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