Colleague Coffee (aka Adulting Together)


Sometimes I feel like I work in a little bubble of my own making. I have my own private practice and set my own schedule and see my clients on my own. Let me assure you, this is wonderful and I really love it. It works for my family and for my sanity and gives me a little hint of work-life balance. Having this kind of autonomy over what I do each week, especially while my kids are young and the running around with/for them is frequent, is a great fit. I am so grateful it's possible for me.

But I do miss having a workplace with colleagues I can chat with in the hall between sessions or vent to about a challenging moment. Colleagues are wonderful. Colleagues make you feel seen, heard, valued, validated, and even challenged. They bring things up you'd never thought of and expand your horizons. 

Today I got to have a long-overdue coffee with two colleagues and it was just... lovely. We all work privately and got to share some moments and hear each other's struggles, new developments, questions, concerns, successes, and even some things unrelated to being Speech-Language Pathologists! It's easy to get swept up in working and not make time for this kind of thing but I had really missed it. It was so good to connect and have a small sense of community and being in this thing together, if separately. ❤️