Featured in Island Parent Magazine


Hey look! The wonderful Laura Trunkey took the information I shared on ADHD and executive functioning in my October 2019 viral Twitter thread and went and wrote her monthly Island Parent column on it! I'm really excited that parents in my community will be able to access this information and maybe even put into place some helpful strategies such as getting their children to "match the picture" or seeking to find an example of what "done" looks like to help kids with task planning and execution. And in all honesty, all kids can benefit from these strategies, not just those with ADHD, ASD or any other challenge with executive functioning skills. I hope more parents and teachers can add these strategies to their tool belts and feel empowered to help the kids who might otherwise get stuck or spin out/act out. 

I feel very honoured Laura chose to write about this and that she did such a wonderful job explaining it. Thank you, Laura!