Happy Holidays!


Today officially marks week one of the winter break for me and my kids; and tomorrow is Christmas eve! Hard to reckon with, but here we are all of a sudden. My husband and I had a few precious hours free yesterday (the kids were with their aunt) so we got all our wrapping done in an effort to free up our evenings for relaxation. It was a long slog but totally worth it.

I don't know about you but I can sometimes struggle with the unstructured time that goes with being off school/work. I tend to drift from task to task, often forgetting things or working on something that's not super high priority. What's helping me these days is writing a list of what needs doing and sticking to it. I even include mundane things like "eat lunch" or "shower" to keep me on track (and it helps me feel productive to check those off). Otherwise I'll fall into the black hole of reading the internet or responding to the never-ending chorus of "I'm huuuuungry" from my three little people with no time for the basic self-care pieces. And this break is for me, too, so self-care pieces are important!

I hope all my clients and their families (and anyone else reading) has a restful holiday. Taking time away from the "work" of regular speech therapy sessions gives everyone a much-needed breather and can even help little brains integrate and organize what they've previously learned! It can be fun to start sessions again in January and see what progress has been made after a little down-time. 

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, whatever you celebrate! I hope it's lovely!