Happy New Year


Well, January is nearly over but Happy New Year nonetheless!

This new year I'm in an interesting phase of my practice where a good chunk of my caseload has been paused temporarily (people are in a "wait and see" phase, or taking a few weeks to have therapy sessions at public health, and will be returning for sessions with me once that's wrapped up) and I was just thinking about how I enjoy the ebb and flow of solo private practice. Right now, this pause gives me a little more time to attend to some family happenings, which is great timing for me at the moment because family things are happening!

I've also been able to work on some upcoming projects that I'm really excited about. 

One is I'll be presenting in April 2020 about early childhood speech and language development for the Southern Vancouver Island Family Child Care Association! I'm writing this presentation from scratch so I've got lots to do, but thankfully also lots of time.

The other project is a presentation for my kids' school about the executive functioning strategies I learned from Sarah Ward (Cognitive Connections), which I'm preparing with a wonderful OT colleague (and fellow school parent). I'm also really excited about this because it means concrete, practical strategies for teachers to put into practice right away. 

I love having a mixture of different ways of working; I think it satisfies my need for novelty to have a couple of projects in the mix that aren't direct client time and that put my brain to work in new ways. 

For those wondering, I will be looking at my wait list in February and possibly seeing a new little person or two then. But for now I'm grateful for a little downtime to keep on top of things at home and for some new work opportunities to stretch myself a little.