My Jar of Marbles

Here is a resource I am excited to share with you guys. My son struggles with self regulation and I've posted about the Zones of Regulation program here before. We use this language at home and I developed this analogy in a moment of clarity (or was it desperation?) when helping my son work through some anger (the "I hate everything and everything is horrible!" kind). I shared it with an OT friend of mine who loved it. So I decided to write up this little booklet about the Jar of Marbles. The idea is meant to help a child who is an extreme or black and white thinker -- and to illustrate how we all have various emotional experiences throughout the day. Basically, one moment (or marble) in the Red Zone doesn't mean the whole day has been (or will be) an angry or out-of-control one! We all have many different feelings and it's always a mixed bag.