Hello. So, the last few weeks have been... unexpected. We are in the midst of a global pandemic, school is closed indefinitely, and I have found myself on 100% of the time with my three kids who were suddenly home for 2 weeks of spring break (and evidently beyond) with cancelled camps and no playdates allowed. Sometimes I forget this is all happening — literally all over the world — and just go about making lunch or whatever, then it hits me that everything is upside down and we have a very different "new normal" to adjust to. It's heartbreaking and scary and strange.

This all is to say, I've made the tough decision to suspend my SLP practice and go on an indefinite hiatus until things return to.... normal, I guess. If that's what will eventually happen. It's all very tough to predict, but we are taking it week by week. This is the last week of spring break and we are beginning to gear up for learning at home together. We've made schedule visuals, a plan for our morning routine, tables set up in various places for quiet work, and today we moved a bookshelf into a more accessible area and loaded it up as our "library" — all this novelty has got the kids keen, which is something I'm grateful for; they're not dreading returning to school because it all feels new and fun to plan to learn together at home. I hope that lasts more than a day, I really do. 

I will miss my work and my clients; it's hard to just let go unexpectedly in the middle of working with someone so closely, and I recognize it's disruptive to others that I've had to step back. I wish it wasn't the case but I simply won't have enough time to continue seeing clients, even through telepractice, with my kids around all day every day. If anyone reading this is looking for someone new to see their child (probably via telepractice, at the moment), please check out www.vislp.ca for a directory of private SLPs in Victoria who may still be accepting new clients.

Wish me luck with my three little people. Stay healthy. Wash your hands. Practice social/physical distancing. And stay home! Because the sooner we're in, the sooner we're out.