Aug 20

Full up!

And just like that, I seem to have filled my September therapy spaces! But never fear; if you are concerned about your toddler or preschooler's communication please do get in touch. You'll be first in line on my wait list 🙂

I am saying farewell to a couple clients who are moving on to kindergarten this fall. Is your child needing speech, language, or social communication support? Shoot me a message ( and we can chat about September sessions!

All packed up for my afternoon home visit. I love using these insulated Costco bags a therapy bags. I have three of them! They are big, sturdy, and zip closed for my inquisitive little clients who want to see ALL THE THINGS! Plus this one comes with a bonus mindfulness message perfect for anyone working with young children: keep cool! 😂...

A rocket ship can be anything you want it to be. I used this activity to work on social responsiveness with my little pal with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) last week.
I used exaggerated facial expressions and reactions to get him to look to me for eye contact and this means he was learning that people's faces are...

Here is a resource I am excited to share with you guys. My son struggles with self regulation and I've posted about the Zones of Regulation program here before. We use this language at home and I developed this analogy in a moment of clarity (or was it desperation?) when helping my son work through some anger (the "I...

Mar 25


Getting ready to work on she/he/it pronouns with these new big mouthed friends. Empty Lysol wipe and protein powder containers come in handy for these kinds of activities!

I thought the winter bugs were behind us but I'm getting very friendly with my friends the Lysol wipes lately. Working with little people is a true test of the immune system!

So excited to have this PODD communication book finished and ready to use with my client! This is one of my favourite Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) systems. PODD stands for Pragmatically Organized Dynamic Display, which is a fancy way of saying the words you need most often are easy to use and find, and the book is set...

Guys. I lost my watch in December and it's been hiding ever since UNTIL TODAY! This SLP is so relieved. Gotta have a watch at work! So glad I held out hope and didn't buy a new one.

Did you know kids' understanding of time make take until at least age 7, if not later?